Cotton Crepe Bandage – A + M CREPE

  • Produced from superior quality of viscose & cotton yarn. This plain weave bandage has fast edge and flesh colour. Stretchable in length, permeable to air, allows the skin to breath and control smooth pressure.


• Superior quality of cotton fabric reduces skin sensitization.
• Superior stretch ability & regain. Provide firm but controlled compression.
• Special weaving of fabric retains elasticity on several washing.

Quality Assurance department • Does not cut or mark the skin & prevents from rucking.

• No lose thread which can adhere to wound site or broken skin.

  • Intended Use:
    • This is used as a compression bandage for all chronic leg condition as pressure dressing.
    • Orthopedic, Rehabilitation & Sports injuries.
    • Used for the treatment of Sprains, Aches, Dislocation, Painful joints, Varicose veins, Cramps, Skin grafting, Post operative conditions & Muscles strain.

  • Size
    5cm x 4mtr. Stretched length
    10cm x 3mtr. Stretched length
    10cm x 4mtr. Stretched length
    7.5cm x 4mtr. Stretched length
    15cm x 4mtr. Stretched length

Any specific size or quantity can be manufactured as per customer’s requirements.