Gauze Swab

  • Gauze Swab
    Gauze Swab consists of absorbent cotton gauze,cotton fabric of plain weave, folded into rectangles or square of 4 ply to 32 ply in such a manner that no cut edges are exposed. The edges of the swab are unstitched. It is found in a good white colour & practically odorless. The fabric is reasonably free from weaving defects & does not contain the traces of leaf residue, seed coat & other impurities.

  • Intended Use:
    Gauze swab are used to place over a wound before taping, strapping or bandaging up or can be soaked in antiseptic liquid and used to wipe over hard surfaces. Gauze swabs are a useful utility product in a kit and can be used for padding, protection, blood spill wound dressing, applying antiseptic and much more.

  • Variants of Gauze Swab:
    • AM SWAB


  • Size
    5cm x 5cm x 8-12ply x 1-5pc Sterile
    7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8ply x 5pc
    10cm x 10cm x 8ply x 5pc
    5cm x 5cm x 12ply x 100pc Non - sterile
    7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8ply x 100pc Non - sterile
    10cm x 10cm x 8-12ply x 100pc Non - sterile