Alcohol Swab

  • Alcohol swab is an absorbent non- woven cotton pad saturated with Isopropyl alcohol 70% v/v. packed in aluminium foil. They are most often used to clean the skin before an injection is given or blood is drawn.

  • Biodex C – 2.45%

  • Activated Glutaraldehyde Solution
    High level cold sterilizer for endoscopic, dental, rubber or plastic instruments and instruments which cannot be sterilized by heat.

  • Bio Clean

  • For Floor & Linen
    A general purpose surface disinfectant for all types of surfaces such as wards, corridors, toilets, kitchens, dental clinics, pathological laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and in hospital for linen disinfecting.

  • Vilon N
    Vilon Concentrated

  • Antiseptic for Skin
    Powerful antiseptic & antibacterial cleansing solution.
    The activity of cetrimide enhances with Chlorhexidine Gluconate & Alcohol.

  • Pividine 5 %
    Pividine S – 7.5 %
    Pividine C – 10%

  • Surgical Skin Preparation
    Microbicidal topical solution of Povidone Iodine. It is a film forming iodine complex, virtually non-stinging & non-irritating to skin, wounds & mucous membrane.
    Pividine Scrub can be used for hygienic hand disinfection & surgical skin.

  • Lysol I.P.

  • Cresol with Soap Solution.
    An antiseptic & disinfectant. 1% solution is bactericidal & stronger solution is bacteriostatic. It has phenolic odour & also has cleansing properties.
    Widely used in hospitals as we as domestically for disinfection of floor.

  • Benz Vetol 3%
    Bid Quat 10%

  • Benzalkonium Chloride Solution I.P.
    Rapidly acting surface disinfectant & detergent.
    It is a cationic germicide of high bactericidal & bacteriostatic potency.