About Us

Adeshwar Meditex Pvt Ltd grew from the roots established by the family in the year 1951, is one of the major, trusted, cGMP, CE, ISO 13485:2012 certified manufacturer and exporter in the field of sterile surgical wound dressing products and medical disposables.

Led by a team of highly qualified and trained professionals, the company has come to be known for its International Standards of Good Manufacturing Practices, Quality, R & D, Timely delivery and Competitive prices, Capacities, Financial Strength and Experience.

The open mindedness, welcoming of new ideas and our organization’s mature workplace culture explain our attitude and approach to our business..



We believe in maintaining the highest ethical standards to strive towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in our products.


Our vision is to be global leaders in the field of sterile surgical wound dressings guided by an unwavering commitment to significantly improve our offerings. We will continuously strive to offer differentiated products of high-quality, focused on patient needs.

Our vision to grow will be through our efforts to explore business development in the local and export markets.


We strongly believe that identifying and satisfying the customer needs, delivering the best possible products is our goal and the very essence of our efforts to consistently grow. That is why, we have a well cultivated culture of ongoing research and development. The R&D activities are directed at bettering our present products offered as well as products under innovation. We have a team of high caliber well-qualified research scientists who are working on primary and secondary data to offer better and newer products with the of view of effectiveness and safety besides keeping other parameters in mind.


At Adeshwar Meditex, there is a positive and healthy relationship maintained between management and staff because of which we have been able to have continuous and uninterrupted production since inception. This, we believe, is our core strength which ensures that we maintain production of quality products and buyer's delivery schedules.

Our staff is exposed to continuous training and development to update their knowledge and skills to remain competitive in the market place so as to achieve our dual goals of Innovation and Growth.


At Adeshwar Meditex, we focus our efforts on customers’ needs and requirement for both local and global market with long-term relationship building purpose.

Our constant endeavor is to achieve excellence in all activities that we undertake and has become an integral part of our strategy for business development.

Our core products are standardized to meet the BP / USP / EP specifications. Our packing and packaging materials are country specific and are designed keeping mind the requirements of the local markets. The product information printed on the packing, the use of the color schemes, product benefit claims and other minute details are in strict adherence with the local rules, laws and regulations of the importing country.

Our marketing efforts are distinctly divided into local and global. We have rationalized our local marketing operations with a revamp of our sale and distribution networks. Globally, we are using market specific strategies and have created working partnerships with international marketing and distribution companies.